Are your skills enough to sneak into the main vault of the Beatrice Auction House? Put yourself into Darren's shoes and try to steal millions without being noticed.

Note: The start cutscene could be desynchronized if running the game online. For a better experience you can download the zip file and run the executable for Windows :D.


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This is not your game! This is a Unity tutorial asset by GameDevJon, Inc., in partnership with Unity Technologies, released in 2018. You did not create this and you should not claim otherwise. 

People like you hurt the real indie community, and you should be ashamed.


Hi marc3122! 

Sorry about the confusion, It's actually my game. I did all the mechanics and cutscenes from this game. It's true that I don't own any of the assets, those belong to Jonathan Weinberger and Al Heck from GameDevHQ. I'm currently enrolled in their professional Unity developer program and this is the 2nd game I do. Maybe I did an amazing job and you think that I uploaded the same thing from the asset store haha. 

Have a good day :D


I love the graphics and sound and cutscenes and all, it's very professional. I can easily imagine an entire multilevel game based on a master thief plot, instead of the usual "kill the terrorists" narrative. But I have to ask: can I have an invisibility cheat? ^^ It's too hard for me. Also, the camera "control" at the very start is a bit unlucky, it gets better when it cuts to the next camera location. It might be easier with fps controls and HUD security cam overlay. BTW I see no help about keys or something (how to duck?)


Hi jfkEO1010etc! Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I'll take your suggestions in mind for a future update :D.

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Thanks for sharing :)